To help raise the awareness of the Southern Stars Charitable Trust’s ongoing charity work – we are pleased to introduce our celebrity ambassadors.

Leanna Cooper


Mauri Ora my name is Leanna Cooper and I am a part of the Sticky TV crew. Every day I get to work with the wonderful Walter, Jah and Teddy while making an awesome show for New Zealand youth.

I have just joined the Southern Stars team as an ambassador and I am truly excited to be a part of such a wonderful cause doing amazing things for our tamariki. It’s important and necessary for us to empower and uplift our next generation to grow up with a mind set of “I can achieve anything!”

Let’s have some fun, encourage one another and enjoy this life together one dance at a time!


Guy and Meg

Hi there!

We’re super excited to be ambassadors for Southern Stars! Making sure that EVERY kid in New Zealand has the right tools and resources to grow up and follow their passion is something we believe is incredibly important.

A little bit about us, we’re both radio and TV presenters on The Edge, plus we also run a YouTube Channel together called “Guy & Meg”. We’ve been so lucky that we’ve been able to follow our passion in life, so we want to make sure anyone else can too.

Mad Mike (Mike Whiddett)

Mad Mike has always had a passion for all things extreme and fast. After successful careers in motocross and freestyle motocross, the Red Bull sponsored athlete is now one of the most popular professional drifters in the world, backed by some of the biggest brands in the business.

As well as a professional drifting career, Mike juggles family life and a successful signwriting business, Cre8grafx. On joining Southern Stars as an ambassador Mike says: “I’m stoked to come on board as an ambassador for Southern Stars Charitable Trust where together we are “helping kids to be kids” and working to improve the lives of children affected by illness, disability or social circumstances. Please check out Southern Stars on Facebook and stay tuned for ways in which you can help kids be kids”.