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12091366_1033716703319015_7730386971761679243_oSouthern Stars Charitable Trust is dedicated to assisting special needs and disadvantaged children in New Zealand. That assistance is delivered through other charitable organisations in New Zealand who are able to help children with a specific disability or disadvantage.

One of the ways that this is achieved is by choosing eligible charities to be the beneficiary of the Trust’s outbound telemarketing donation programme.

How Trusts Have Benefitted

In the past Southern Stars Charitable Trust raised funds for 7 charitable organisations…

  • New Zealand Down Syndrome Association
  • Burn Support Group
  • Kidney Kids
  • Koru Care
  • Radio Lollipop
  • Ronald McDonald House Auckland
Are You an Eligible Trust

To be eligible for assistance…

  • You must be a bona fide New Zealand-registered charitable trust.
  • You must have a specific interest in making a better life for special needs or disadvantaged children.
  • The assistance from Southern Stars Charitable Trust must be specifically earmarked for children’s assistance.
  • Increasing public awareness of a disability or disadvantage.
  • Educating the public about a disability or disadvantage.
  • Researching a disability.
  • Providing care for a special needs or disadvantaged child.
  • Providing a better quality of life for a special needs or disadvantaged child.
  • Buying specific equipment to aid in the care or cure of a disability or disadvantage.
  • You must be able to provide proper accountability for the funds back to Southern Stars Charitable Trust.
  • Southern Stars Charitable Trust is to be recognised as a major sponsor of your Trust, for a year following the receipt of funds.
How To Apply

To become a beneficiary charity, you should in the first instance contact The Southern Stars charitable Trust. This can be done by clicking here, or by …


Donations Do Make a Difference

You can donate to Southern Stars Charitable Trust in three quick and easy ways…Online, Cheque and by Phone. You can make a real difference through your donation today..